It's time we deliever the promises of technologies.

Welcome to Timeon technologies, where we believe it's time we bring today's best technologies to serve people's real-life needs.

The Problem

    Technologies advance at an exploding pace, leaving a majority of the people behind, confused and at risk. The original goal of technology serving people is lost. People unfortunately become slaves to service ever more complex “solutions”. We are here to reverse this trend and make the end users enjoying the benefit of modern technologies without being bogged down in the technical details.

Our Vision

    Technologies are to serve people.

Our Mission

    We are here to correct the wrong and bring back that goal by:

    • Minimizing technology confusions
    • Bringing innovative services to people
    • Establishing community support through technologies

Our Services

    We bring innovative services to people. Always free of charge for personal uses. We collect a small fee from professional users to cover our expenses.

    We don't believe in making a killing through technologies. In our humble opinion, an obsessive profit motivation would go against our higher ideal of serving people through technology.

Our Solutions

    Like the services we provide?

    Our team has the skills, experiences and motivations to help you build your services, like ours, but customized your way. Contact us for any potential solutions we can build for your business.